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In today’s time, the popularity of cafes are fairly growing, especially in Bohol wherein lots of new cafes opened around Tagbilaran City. However, Mosia Café is one of the cafes that’s been operating some time now.

We chose to check out the place because we’ve read an article that says they’re one the few cafes and restaurants that joins the NO TO PLASTIC STRAW movement and so we, as consumers, decided to visit to kind of support the movement whilst chilling out by choosing to patronize places that doesn’t use plastic straws.

A friendly tip: Be very alert and watchful though, for the tricycle drivers might be going fast and not notice the place. (If you’re using a public vehicle as your mode of transport) Also, watch out for the signage of the café located the left side of the road if you’re from the city proper.

MOSIA CAFÉ opened year 2014 in the month of December and have been doing well since then. They are located at 121 V.P. Inting Street (between NFA and Villa Alzhun) Mansasa, Tagb…

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